Reintegrating Faith for the Family

Christian Parenting Workshop

               Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018

      Trinity Lutheran Church & School

               St. Francis, Minnesota

         $25 adult — $35 per couple

 Check in starts at 8:30, opening devotion at 8:45, program ends at Noon

Childcare is available with pre-registration.

In a world when everything seems to be falling apart, how can we put the pieces back together for our families? What will hold our families together when we’re being pulled from so many directions?

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Jennifer Wosmek, associate professor of psychology at Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, Minnesota.

“Approaching the World with Integrity:The Vocation of Parent”

In a society that’s disintegrating all around us, how can we best prepare our children to live the faith? How does the doctrine of vocation enhance our engagement with others and deepen our relationships?

Dr. Wosmek will help parents, teachers and others to reflect on their various vocations and examine how they may apply Biblical teaching in their lives and communities to promote the Christian world-view.



“Early Assessment and Healthy Childhood Development”

Reviewing developmental milestones can assist parents in knowing when help and support for the healthy growth of their children might be needed.

Dr. Jessica Vaughan-Jensen, PhD, LP, staff psychologist, Fraser—Minnesota’s largest provider of autism services

Virtue and Integrity in Families of Faith

Now more than ever, Christians stand in a profound position to reclaim family virtue in our daily living. Explore the role of the classic virtues in sustaining families of faith and integrity in a virtue-less age.

Rev. Dr. Lucas V. Woodford, senior pastor,

Zion Lutheran Church and School, Mayer, Minnesota and collegium fellow with DOXOLOGY: The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel

“Integrating Prayer in Family Life”

Teaching our children to pray is teaching them the “language of the faith,” saying back to God what He has spoken to us in the Holy Scriptures. Some ways of doing this are suggested and explored

Rev. Timothy B. Vaughan, senior pastor,

Trinity Lutheran Church and School, St. Francis

“The Word Remains”

Children are hungry for stories, whether on-screen or on the page. Wise Christian parents actively and responsibly select stories for their children. But where can decent stories be found, and what tools does the Christian have to evaluate the appropriateness of the stories we hear and tell?

Rev. Keaton Christiansen, associate pastor/executive director,

Trinity Lutheran Church and School, St. Francis