It’s tough, being a sinner parenting beloved little sinners just like you.

We need God our Father.

The Christian Parenting Workshop brings wisdom for parents of all ages.  Join us for this year’s workshop: “‘Discipline’ means ‘Teach’” to build on the theme of love for raising disciplined Christian children in the faith and love for God our heavenly Father.  

Saturday February 23rd, 9 am — 2 pm


Trinity Lutheran Church and School

3812 229th Ave NW, St. Francis, MN 55070 

$25/person or $35/couple. Lunch & childcare included. 

Keynote Speakers

Rev. Dr. Lucas Woodford, D.Min, STM, MNS District President LCMS

Dr. Jessica Vaughan-Jensen, Ph.D, LP

Rev. Timothy Vaughan              Rev. Keaton Christiansen     

Christian Parenting Workshop