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Associate Pastor

 Rev. Keaton Christiansen


Pastor Keaton Christiansen is happy to be baptized into the forgiving death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. He struggles against sin just like everyone else, and thankful for all God's blessings to support him in this body and life. He met his wife Rebekah when they studied together at Hillsdale College. After receiving a B.A. in English literature and a minor in classical languages, he went on to earn his M.Div at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He stayed for another year to serve as the Graduate Assistant for the Department of Systematic Theology and complete most of an S.T.M.. 
When they're not reading more books, Keaton and Rebekah enjoy playing board games, swing dancing, cooking together, singing in church, and hope someday to have a little garden. Armed with too many letters after his name, a beautiful wife, a one year old daughter happily leaving animal cracker smudges all over his jacket, and another child on the way, Keaton is happy to be called as Associate Pastor and Executive Director of the Trinity Lutheran Church and School.