Tuition and Fees  2019-2020


Enrollment and Registration Fees:

To begin the enrollment process for your child(ren) in Trinity Lutheran School the online registration needs to be completed.  After registration is accepted by Trinity Lutheran School administration the tuition agreement needs to be signed and the enrollment fee needs to be paid.

Enrollment Fees

Before April 15th - $100.00     Before June 1st - $120.00     After June 1st - $150.00

All enrollment and registration fees are non-refundable

School Tuition 

  2019-2020  Kindergarten Full Day   1 Child in 1-8th grade plus Kindergarten 

 Before April 15th - Tuition


(First child coming from ECRC)

Payments Based on 9 Months $166.67 (only one child) $461.11 (Includes the one child in 1-8th)
Normal Tuition $2,000.00 $1,200.00
Payments Based on 9 Months $222.22 (only one child)

$488.89 (Includes the one child in 1-8th)


 2019-2020 Grades 1-8  First Child  Second Child Third Child 
Tuition  $3,200.00  $1,600.00 $1,000.00 
Children enrolled 1 Child   2 Children  3 Children
Total monthly Payment Based on 9 Months $355.56 $533.33 $644.44

 Four and more are FREE.

 Activity and Technology Fees:  

   - There is a $75.00 Technology fee for K - 8 grade to keep providing an up to date safe technology assisted education.

   - A one-time deposit of $50 is required for all students in grades 3 - 8 for use of a school owned Chromebook.  This deposit will roll over year to year.          If there is damage to a Chromebook there will be another $50 deposit due for repair / replacement of the product.  This deposit is REFUNDABLE            when the Chromebook is returned undamaged at the time your child leaves our school (graduates or transfers to another school).

   - There will be one activity fee per student per season.     Fall season Fee $75.00 … Winter season Fee $75.00

   - Each student is required to have a Trinity Shirt (t-shirt and / or sweatshirt) for field trips.

Tuition is due on the day picked on the tuition agreement. Payments can be made online through your ParentsWeb account in RenWeb, deliver payment to the school office, or by mail to the school.  Tuition is figured on your oldest child (attending school) as your 1st child and adding to that amount.

Pricing includes the following: Classroom textbooks for all subjects, copies, worksheets, and workbooks, Spanish & Fine Arts program.

Scholarships for tuition assistance are available, please contact our school director.

 At the present time the cost to educate each child at Trinity Lutheran School is $6,800.00 per year. With the charges as they are, the tuition fee has been reduced through the generosity of the members of Trinity congregation.  We therefore, desire all our families to be timely with their tuition payments. We, as a church and school, are also committed to teaching your children about their wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ, and about His Word and His World.


God’s Word exhorts that ALL of our members give their first fruits (“first” and “best”) to the Lord, give proportionately (a percentage of their income; for example, a tithe, 10%) and give regularly to the Lord. Through your generous offerings you will help us offset the cost of your child(ren’s) education.