“I hope they don't make me stand up and say something.” We assure you that we don’t want to embarrass you in any way, so we don’t ask our visitors to stand and introduce themselves. We want you to feel comfortable and at home with us. We do hope to introduce ourselves to you and learn who you are before or after the service. Pastor Vaughan especially appreciates having visitors say hello and tell him who they are.


“I know my child’s going to be too noisy.” Trinity Lutheran Church and School welcomes everyone and understands the issues of caring for small children. In fact, we like to hear children in church because it means they are learning about Jesus, their Savior! If you do require a place to take your child if he or she becomes noisy, we have a nursery which is located off the entrance to our worship area.


“I know I'll feel out of place.” We hope that this information will ease your mind, but if you have a question, please ask someone for help or contact us in advance. Don’t hesitate to say, “I'm new. What’s this about?”


“Everyone will know I’m new; I won’t know what to do.” Each Service follows a written plan and uses the hymnals in the pews. You will receive a bulletin as you enter that contains instructions and page numbers, hymn numbers, and references for the Bible readings so you can follow along. Our pastor also instructs the congregation when it is time to stand or sit, announces page and hymn numbers, and provides other information to assist the congregation during the service.


“I’m afraid I’ll say or do something wrong.” All of us have felt this way when in a new situation, but we hope you experience the people of Trinity to be ordinary, accepting people like you. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable here with us. We want to accept you as you are and help you become what Christ wants you to be.


“I just want to watch at first and I know they’ll try to involve me or sign me up.” It’s unpleasant to be pressured or to be part of a “membership drive,” isn’t it? We believe that church membership should be a voluntary thing, and that the most important thing is to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness and salvation. We want to respect your need to evaluate how much you become involved. You’re welcome to attend anytime with no obligation—but if you desire to become a member and become more involved, we’re happy to help make that happen!


“I don’t know that much about the Bible.” Church and Bible Study are opportunities to grow in our knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and in faith in Jesus Christ. You won’t have to answer any questions you don’t want to answer. Our wisest members (and even our pastor) often say, “I don’t know.” That’s why we place such importance on studying the Bible together so we may learn and grow as the body of Christ!


For answers to any questions not mention here or to request more information about our church, K-8 school, or “Kings Kids” childcare and pre-school programs, click here to email the office or give us a call at (763)753-1234.